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Strategische communicatie, de modellen van C
In more than sixty models, 'Strategische communicatie, de modellen van C' (Strategic communication, the models of C) gives you a look behind the scenes of strategic communication. Basic principles are explained in an innovative way and presented in practical models. Hence there are models for the preparation of a communication plan, mapping out a press strategy and giving instructions for the evaluation of an advertising campaign.
But advanced methods are also discussed, such as press strategies for avoiding bad news and a method for getting a crisis under control within six hours. The book is not only a practical guide for communications professionals but also for the manager who realises that communication has become a part of contemporary business. 'Strategische communicatie' includes communication models for corporate restructuring, choice models for internet investments and enterprise models to inspire creativity.

Author: Noël Slangen
Academic Service Amsterdam March 20, 2006
Only in Dutch